Additional Services


We have the right equipment for your meeting.

Additional Services

The following conference technology is at your disposal:

DVD player

Additional Flipchart with pad and pens

Flipchart pad

Photocopy (black and white)

Photocopy (color)

Catwalk / Stage

Additional Screen

Microphone (wireless)


Additional pin board



Amplifier systems and loudspeakers

Projector and Screen


20.00 euros per day

15.00 euros per day

10,00 Euro each

0,30 Euro per piece

0,50 Euro per piece

10,00 Euro each

13.00 euros per day

30.00 euros per day

25.00 euros per day

10,00 Euro per day

30.00 Euro per hour

30.00 Euro per hour

20.00 euros per day

60.00 euros per day

40.00 euros per day

Do you need more technology? Just let us know. We are happy to rent the desired technology for you on your behalf.