Swimming Pool and Saunas


The bathing area of the hotel is perfect for a relaxing wellness day.

Swimming Pool & Saunas


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The bathing area of the hotel is perfect for a relaxing wellness day. The stylish swimming pool offers 29 ° C warm water and a hot whirlpool. You can pamper yourself in the bio sauna or just with a few sports courses in the indoor pool.

The beautifully designed indoor pool invites you to swim, nether mind the weather.

Water gymnastics take place several times during the week – here is condition and relaxation, and fitness are undenyable. Experience it!

Finnish Sauna

Approx. 95 ° celcius. Sweat box in Nordic style. The oldest classic among saunas. Here you can sweat.

Organic Herbal Sauna

An “experience inhalation-sweat parlour” at 55 ° Celsius, in which daily changing herbal infusions unfold their effect and thus increase the overall well-being. This type of sauna is especially appreciated due to the pleasant temperature.


A stay in this Roman sweat bath – is like a journey through time into the past. The humidity is pleasantly low and due to the mild radiant heat it is ideal for purification and detoxification of the body at CA 40 ° Celsius-45 ° Celsius.

Plunge Pool

Do something good for your circulation and to cool off after a sauna session.

Oriental Relaxation Room

This room is located in the swimming pool area and has luxurious quiet lounges that invite you to dream.