A senior Sports group from Frankfurt/ Main enjoys a week holiday at Arkona Strandhotel – The daily sport must not be missed.

Just after 10 o’clock in the morning: while other holidaymakers in Binz are once again turning in bed and dreaming of a wonderful holiday on the island of Rügen, they are already in motion-on the beach. The senior athletes of SV Blau-Gelb Frankfurt/Main enjoy a week holiday at Arkona Strandhotel – including morning sports.

Practice Director Christel Wessel-Bauer put his hands in the air and let the arms circle. You can look forward to 13 women and a man – a moment later the whole group turns on the Binzer beach. “The beach is wonderful – it’s incredible fun to do sports in this fine sand”, says Christel Wessel-Bauer, who has been working as a Practice Manager for 30 years.

Since the year 2004, she has travelled with her sports groups all the German islands, which have a railway connection. “Travelling by train is comfortable and relaxed – Binz is very easy to reach,” says Christel Wessel-Bauer. “We are now on Rügen for the second time. The island is so diverse and beautiful – there are so many opportunities for active holidays. ”

One possibility: Morning gymnastics on the beach. “As Arkona Strandhotel is right on the waterfront, this is the place to be. The location is perfect, ” says Christel Wessel-Bauer. Your sports group is right. The ladies – and the one gentleman – are enthusiastically gymnastics this morning. It is laughed and joked – the day can not begin better.

Christel Wessel-Bauer trains a total of 60 senior athletes in their hometown Frankfurt/Main – Three courses of two hours are on their programme every week. The oldest athlete, by the way, is 91 year young.

In addition to the sporting activities, the sights of the island of Rügen are on the holiday programme for the Hessians – such as the narrow gauge railway “frantic Roland” or the BAUMWIPFELPFAD. “I offer the women and men to accompany me on these trips – but it is not a must. Everyone decides for himself what he does and what he wants. There are always groups – so it never gets boring. And in the evening we all meet at the bar, “says Christel Wessel-Bauer, who is already planning the next morning sport on the beach:” I think we will dedicate ourselves to either foot or breathing gymnastics tomorrow. “