With Shanty, wind and waves on you and you: “De Leineschippers” from Hanover invite you to swaying and Schwofen.

“On the Reeperbahn at night at half past one” – that’s how it sounds in the Baltic Sea Bath Binz and who can, sings with. Sesame songs belong to the seaside resort like the sea and the beach. Our Arkona Strandhotel agrees with you-on the 2nd of July the Shanty-chorus “De Leineschipper” from Hannover will be with us.

“Pull the lines…” is the name of “De Leineschipper” from 8pm at the Arkona Strandhotel – The entrance costs five euros.

At “Alo a He” and “we were in front of Madagascar” is can, sung or hummed. “De Leineschippers”, around 50 enthusiastic singers and singers, understand how to win your audience everywhere.

For almost ten years “de Leineschippers” have been on the waves of the shanties and entertain listeners from the leash to Sylt with sesame songs in German and English.

Henry Berg, co-founder and singer leads the fun troupe and organizes performances all over the north. So make “de Leineschippers” at the Strandhotel Arkona on your annual cruise station. Over 50 songs includes the repertoire of the chorus, accompanied the singers of guitar and accordion. And so it goes with “Nimm mich mit Kapitän” over “heavy with the treasures of the Orient” until “Rolling home” once across the world of the Sea Man songs.