An extract from our menu of the restaurant ROSSINI.




Tomato Soup

With Bisdamitzer sheep cheese


Nutmeg Pumpkin Soup



Binzer Fish Soup

Fresh fish fillets from domestic waters

With colourful vegetable straw in aromatic fish soup and a fine saffron fragrance


Gnocchi with roasted chicken breast strips

with mushrooms and herb cream sauce


Roasted Giant Shrimp

with ciabatta slices and garlic dip



Selection of Seasonal Salads

with olive vinaigrette


Mozzarella Tomato Salad

with old balsamic and cold-pressed olive oil


Salad Variation

with fried ciabatta, pickled salmon,

Rügener herbal quark and walnut vinaigrette


Arkona Gourmet Salad

fried chicken breast fillet strips, a fillet of anchovies,

with capers & croutons prepared on fresh Roman salad hearts,

Thai chili sauce & cesar dressing


Vegetarian Dishes

Potato Vegetable Cookies

with tomato sauce


Spaghetti with Poseritzer wild garlic cream
and cherry tomatoes


Binzer Flounder Fillet

with shrimp panned in garlic oil,

fine pan vegetables and steamed potatoes


Grilled Baltic Cod Fillet

on creamy carrot vegetables and butter rice


Crossed Fried Pike-Perch Fillet

stewed broccoli and gnocchi


Stewed Atlantic Salmon Fillet

with mustard foam, glazed savoy cabbage and thyme potatoes


Roasted chicken breast with peppers

stewed broccoli and gnocchi


Medaillons of Pork Tenderloin

on glazed carrots and potato roast


Grilled Rib Eye Steak

with herb butter, a grilled tomato

and potato wedges with sour cream


Roasted Lamb Rack on Dijon mustard cream

with glazed savoy cabbage and thyme potatoes


“The Classic” – Fresh Fruit Salad

with homemade lavender poppy seed and icing


Hot Chocolate Pear Tart

with cold vanilla sauce


Three Rüganer Cheese Selection

With different sauces and Pumpernickel bread