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Facial Treatments


For the most beautiful smile.

Facial Treatments

Facial Treatments 2

Facial Treatments 3

Special Facial Treatments with “THALGO”

Anti-age facial treatment, choose…

Collagen care treatment against first wrinkles and expression lines

89,- €

Hyaluron-care treatment against visible wrinkles

89,- €

Silicon care treatment against visible wrinkles and sagging skin

99,- €

Special Facial Treatment “THALGO men”

Ocean Care Treatment

In the case of tired, powerless skin, this ocean care

treatment helps to fight against it!

This facial Treatment contains

extracts from blue and green algae which help to renew, refresh, and moisturizes the skin.

The turquoise-blue mask forms an ocean of maritime care.

This includes a complex of maritime and vegetables.

The result: more clamping force and vitality

89,- €