The 67-year-old painter spends his second holiday at the Private Palace Arkona Strandhotel in the Ostseebad Binz. Here he found the motif for his painting “Mehrblick”.

Karl-Heinz Braun stands on the platform of a lifeguard tower in the Ostseebad Binz and has a view over the Baltic Sea. The 67-year-old Cologne painter takes a deep breath. “I like the gentle breeze here on the Baltic Sea – I find peace here,” he says, smiling dreamily. Together with his partner Hans Schneider he enjoys a second holiday at the Private Palace Arkona Strandhotel on the island of Rügen.

“During our first stay last year, I found a motif for one of my pictures,” says Karl-Heinz Braun. “I called it Mehrblick.” The picture shows the sunrise over the Baltic Sea – in strong, warm colours. The work of art is a diptych (a two-divided painting). For this he used a mixed technique of acrylic and chalk on wood.

Again and again Karl-Heinz Braun looks around – looking for new inspiration. “I find many ideas for my work on the road,” he says. “When the idea is in the head, the picture develops – piece by piece.”

Karl-Heinz Braun also uses the holiday on Rügen to recharge his batteries once more. On October 28th He opens his third exhibition in Cologne – title: “Silent Movement.” Until then, there is still a lot to be organized and realized – for example, his own calendar. Every year he designs a personal calendar for friends. “And every two years there is an art calendar with my works, which I sell at exhibitions,” says Karl-Heinz Braun. 20 euros costs this. “That covers the printing costs – I don’t have to get rich with my art. I put much more emphasis on recognition. And that’s what I’m told – that makes me happy. ”

The drawing – It accompanies Karl-Heinz Braun his whole life. “When I told my parents I wanted to visit an art school, they said to me: We didn’t give up on you so you could become a street painter.” So he suggested another way: The 1949 Karl-Heinz Braun, born in Breisach am Rhein, 1976 graduated as a graduate engineer in the field of economics and industrial engineering.

In 30 years of work, in which he was responsible for marketing and advertising, painting was always a great help for visualizing his ideas. “I have the horse from behind putting cart,” says the 67-year-old and looks up at the Baltic Sea. Again he smiles satisfied. Clearly: Karl-Heinz Braun will find new motifs – and tell the world with his pictures of his thoughts and emotions.


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+++Aktuelles zur Corona-Krise+++

Schweren Herzens wird mit sofortiger Wirkung das Arkona Strandhotel vorbeugend und bis auf Weiteres geschlossen.

Das Land Mecklenburg-Vorpommern hat am 15. März 2020 entschieden, den Zugang für Touristen auf die Insel Rügen zu untersagen.

Diese Vorsichtsmaßnahme dient zur Verhinderung der weiteren Ausbreitung des Coronavirus, um so jedes Gesundheitsrisiko für Mitarbeiter und Gäste zu minimieren.

Vieles ist ungewiss in diesen Tagen und dennoch blicken wir zuversichtlich in die Zukunft. Wir vertrauen darauf, dass die Lage sich entspannt und Sie bald wieder in Rügens Natur und in unserem Arkona Strandhotel zur Ruhe und Erholung kommen.

Bleiben Sie gesund!

Ihre Generaldirektorin Birte Löhr und das Arkona Strandhotel Team