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Body wraps and baths for well-being.

Baths & Packs

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Sea Algae Bath 30,- €

Trace elements & amino acids stimulate the metabolism as well as moistened ,relaxed, purifying and  detoxifying it.

Thalgo Aroma Oil Bath 30,- €

Relaxing to relieve stress

– Vitalizing – awakens tired spirits

– Dewatering of the body

– Detoxifying to stimulate fat metabolism

Mare Milk Honey-Oil Bath 30,- €

For soft & smooth skin

Duration per bath approx. 20 minutes


Floating and gently rocking, you are lying here on a well-tempered surface. With the temperature about 38 °c, which your skin does not contact! Valuable essences are carefully applied to your body and carefully packaged. Then we immerse you in the most comfortable way in the floating lounger and guarantee you with the maximum of impact and relaxation.

Rügen Healing Chalk

for tension & blemished skin

40,- €

Comfort Spa Men

The ideal daily care for the man. Exclusive care with a masculine fragrance. Ideally matched to the men skin, it quickly absorbes and leaves no unpleasant greasy film & acts moisturizing.

42,- €

Sea Salt Peeling

Duration approx. 20 minutes

22,- €

Comfort Spa Cleopatra Bath

For a youthful complexion. The special active ingredients maintain your skin velvety and fresh. Even Cleopatra loved these valuable ingredients. Feel the pleasantly fragrant silky skin right after the Comfort Spa Cleopatra Bath.

42,- €

Comfort Spa Night Candle Cream Pack

Ideal daily care for irritated and sensitive skin. The active ingredients of the night candle cream prevent premature skin ageing and can help with skin problems.

42,- €