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Arkona Strandhotel, Hotel Arkona Dr. Hutter e.K.

Gör konferens där andra semester

Konferensrum 3

Thanks to its build-in screen and its size of 119 m², our Salon 3 is  ideal for presentations, lectures and press conferences. Depending on seating arrangement and usage it can accomodate up to 120 people. Because of its modifiable light design by room- and daylight, and its attractive equipment, it offers a whole range of possibilities for you individual conference, incentive or event.


If you still need any additional technical device or individual equipment, do not hasitate to ask our staff.


We would be pleased to receive your inquiry by phone (+49 38393 57950), by e-mail (bankett@arkona-strandhotel.de) or by our online inquiry form.

daylight dividing wall
dimming possible suitable for mobiles
silver screen PA system
windows can be opened air conditioning
Dimmer telephone (analogue)
terrace ISDN connection
wireless LAN  
EG119,00 m²

Seating possibilities:
Resepsjon Resepsjon 120 platser
Bio Bio 80 platser
Parlamentarisk (med bord) Parlamentarisk (med bord) 50 platser
U-form (stoler inne og ute) U-form (stoler inne og ute) 35 platser
Blokk Blokk 40 platser
Bankett Bankett 80 platser


flipchart with pad and pens

pin board

facilitator's toolbox

additional flipchart with pad and pens 15,00 EURper dag 

additional screen 13,00 EURper dag 

additional pinboard 10,00 EURper dag 

technician 30,00 EURper timme 

amplifier and speakers 20,00 EURper dag 

video projector and screen 60,00 EURper dag 

flat screen TV 40,00 EURper dag